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The Da Gama Bridge: icon of the proof positive standard of graphic workmanship


Proof Positive was founded in 1993, built on years of hands-on experience in the graphics business. We are perfectionists who do not accept the shortsighted practices that are widely regarded as normal in our industry. These quick-and-dirty methods are the hidden causes of unexplained errors and unnecessary expenses. And they breed results that do not speak well for your company.

There is a better way. At Proof Positive, we build high standards and reliable outcomes into every step of the production process. When doing the job right becomes second nature, there is no added expense. On balance, this approach saves time and money. The bottom line: ethical workmanship is more cost effective.


Our meticulous workmanship sets us apart from the many who have chosen the road of shortsighted, business-as-usual practices. We'd like you to understand specifically how our methods differ.

Digital production is not rocket science, but there are numerous details that require careful handling. Many designers are so caught up in the creative side of the process, that they never acquire the skills and disciplines needed to see your project through to smooth completion in the production phase that follows. Hasty methods serve well enough for experiments in design. But once the basic style is established, a clean layout document should be built in such a way that it can be accurately revised and will also run properly on press.

Some folks never bother to set up this clean foundation. They keep working atop files that were hurriedly thrown together. As the project goes forward, the accumulation of loose ends takes its toll in the form of errors, delays, and reduced quality.

How common are these wrongheaded practices? Printers are in the best position to tell us. They see the problem and its costs every day.

The domino effect

Doing the job right at every stage yields far better results. Because we do the proper work "up front", we can continue to revise and refine your project with a higher degree of precision.